Università Americana di Roma - "Il Genocidio Armeno"  Mercoledì 20 aprile 2005 ore 18,45

The American University of Rome

Department of International Relations

Wednesday 20 April

18:45 – 20.30

Auditorium, Via Pietro Roselli 16


The Armenian Genocide: 90 years on

Ruben Shugaryan

  • Dr. Ruben Shugaryan (Armenian Ambassador in Italy), Introduction

  • Dr. Zara Pogossian (American University of Rome). The Armenian Genocide: the Event and the Importance of Memory

  • Dr. Igor Dorfman (University of Rome Tor Vergata, University of Montpellier - Paul Valérie) Carrying out the Genocide: Communication Channels between Central and Provincial Governments 

  • Dr. Aldo Ferrari (University of Venice) Turkey and the Armenian Genocide: A Problem of Historiography?

On April 24th 1915 all Armenian intellectuals (poets, composers, political activists) residing in Istanbul were arrested. None of them were seen again. This was only the beginning of what would become the first organized Genocide of the XX century which would end up by killing more than a million Armenians. AUR commemorates the 90th. anniversary “Mets Eghern” or the Great Evil with a seminar which will tell the story, look at the causes and analyse the consequences.